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My Reptile Interests
I have been into reptile ever since I can remember. My first herp was a pair of Anoles when I was 5. Ever since then I have maintaned a growing interest in reptiles. Up until February 2008 I wasn't as into them as I am now. 1 year ago I got my first boa and I just shot off from there. Now I have 8 boas with many, many, many, (LOL) more to come. I have always done field herping localy, in California (Yosemite, etc), Hawaii, and really... where ever I go:D.
Other Interests
Honestly I have changed my life so dramatically most of what I do revolves around my boas. I also breed mice and rats for retail petstores, along with baby boas and ball pythons (those I don't breed; I buy). Right now I am extremely focused on getting my business up and running called "Family Boidae." Besides that I snowboard, go to school, and hang out with friend. Usual stuff. lol
My favorite bands and artist are: Tech N9ne, Tom Petty, Grateful Dead (Jerry Garcia), along with a lot of others!!!! lol:P
The Ruins, Fool's Gold, Blood Diamond, all Jurassic Parks (I think the first one is the best), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and a lot of other I can't think of right now. lol
I am in my Senior year in high school; graduating in 1.5 months!:D Then I am going to community college for 2 years. And after that I am going to school for 4-6 years for a Major in Exotic Animal Medicine, a minor in: Genetics & Herpetology. Seems like a full load to me! lol And I am slowly starting my own business right now:D
Anything else?
I am extremely passionate about my boas and what I do. I take a lot of care and i'm very precise and meticulous when it comes to my boa projects and my business. I believe EXTREMELY in breeding boas (or any other animal) for the LOVE and not money. I take a lot of pride in my boa collection and the rodents I sale. I stand behind them 100%. :D
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