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Dr. Olech

About Jason Olech, D.V.M.
My Reptile Interests
American Alligator (DNR Permit), Albino Burmese Python, 4 Brazilian Rainbow Boa Constrictors, 2 Grey Banded Kingsnakes, Argentine Tegu, Chondro Python, Barron's Racer, Lavender Phase California Kingsnake, Diamond Back Terrapene, Spiney Soft Shell Turtle, Painted Turtle, Axolotl, Mossy Tree Frog, Milky Amazon Tree Frog, Red Eyed Tree Frog, 2 Marble Salamanders and a Black Widow Spider + Babies
Other Interests
My cat & 3 Dogs, Motorcycles, Music, Video Games, Herping Outdoors, Camping, Fishing, Fire Arms, Building Things and of course Shananagins
I Play Guitar & Bass Guitar! Don't have a Pod Cast and as for music, I take it as it comes!
Antony Hopkins, hands down!
I am a Veterinarian and a General Practitioner of Exotics at the Lombard Veterinary Hospital
Anything else?
Visit us on the web at
Full Name: Jason Olech, D.V.M.
Location: Glen Ellyn, IL  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 23
Member Since: Thursday, December 9, 2010
Last Login: Wednesday, July 11, 2012
iHerp Level Spice Weasel (10,976 points)
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