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About Chriss
My Reptile Interests
In my current collection of herps i have Balls, Boas, Turtles and Dragons. i also have a vast collection of arachnids, roackes and plants. I have been learning about herps my whole life and have been keeping them for over 6 years.
Other Interests
Outside of reptiles i am a musician. I play the Drums for a naturalistic black metal band. I enjoy music of a specific nature.I am also an artist of many concepts. I collect bones and love anatomy. I am Billiard enthusiast.
Abigor,Ceremonial Castings,Watain,Necrophagist,Belphegor,Burzum,Death,Dimmu Borgir,Dark Throne,Black Dahlia Murder,Nile,Dissection,Carpathian Forest,Windir,Horna,Vesania,Origin,Dark Funeral,Dethklok,Children of Bodom,Pantera,Bathory,Morbid Angel,Suffocation,At The Gates,,Emperor,vile,Behemoth,Absu,Nordmorke,Immortal,Borknagar,incantation,the black alter,Besatt,Black Dawn,Cattle Dacap, Caphalic Carnage,Deamonarch,Dying Fetus,Inquisition,Emperor,Goat Whore,Gorgoroth,Hate Eternal,Hecadoth,Lord Beliel,Nifelheim,Sargeist,Satanic Warmaster,Satyricon,Sothis,Thirst,MAYHEM,Marduk,Herm, ect...forever I am possessed by blast beats from hell. Currently drumming for The Black Order of the Ancient Forest.
Gummo, Full Metal Jacket, Apolocypse Now, anything with Kurt Russell Val Kilmer or Bruce Willis
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Anything else?
Hail Black Metal!
Full Name: Chriss
Location: Kent, WA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 24, 1986
Member Since: Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Last Login: Saturday, October 24, 2009
iHerp Level NeoNate (2,228 points)
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