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About John Flores
My Reptile Interests
My first snake was an IJ Carpet Python named "Grendel" that I picked up less than a year ago. I used to have a horned mountain dragon named "Trogdor" but he died not too long ago. I also have a hypo/amel butter corn snake that I picked up at the local Repticon show here in Houston. My plans now are to get a Mex Mex King snake and maybe .....just maybe....a leopard gecko. I am starting to really love reptiles and learning about them is a blast.
Other Interests
Outside of reptiles, I love all types of shooting sports including skeet, clays, long distance high power rifle and combat handguning. I enjoy shooting so much I started a side business as a gundealer and gunsmith. I also enjoy fast cars. Autocross racing is something I had started to get into but just didn't have the time or money to pursue further. Maybe someday I can get back into it.
My all time favorite band is Iron Maiden. I love metal, especially if it's got keyboards mixed in just right. Some of my other favorites are Children Of Bodom, In Flames, Hammerfall, Ozzy, Black Sabbath and Deathklock. I don't play any instruments yet, but I do have a Schecter Devil Custom guitar that I'm learning to play. Instead of taking classes, I'm using instructional CDs and downloaded guitar tabs.
My favorite movies are sci-fi and war type films.
After highschool I served in the Marines and then worked as an industrial electrician. After many years of working outdoors I went back to school and now I'm an Electrical Designer. I also have a side business as a gundealer and gunsmith.
Anything else?
I'm a wargamer and play Warhammer 40K.
Full Name: John Flores
Location: Houston, TX  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 22
Member Since: Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Last Login: Tuesday, September 22, 2015
iHerp Level Old Salt (46,363 points)
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