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About Reptile Rescue Center
My Reptile Interests
The Reptile Rescue Center is a small-scale non-profit organization located in Central Arkansas. It was founded in May 2009 based on three principles - Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Education. Our primary mission is the rescue and rehabilitation of reptiles. We rescue surrendered, unwanted, injured, abused, and neglected reptile pets and wildlife. At this time, rehabilitated pets are usually granted permanent sanctuary at our rescue facility. Many go on to be our Animal Ambassadors for educational purposes if their temperament is right for it. For more information, please see our website:
Other Interests
Outdoor Activities, Photography, Fund-raising, Crafts
Listening to something with a good beat makes the work in the reptile house go faster!
We strive to teach the public about reptiles in general: the care and husbandry of reptiles as pets, the responsibilities we have as keepers of these creatures, and about the conservation of wild reptiles and their habitats. We enjoy putting on educational programs for public or private events and groups. Our Animal Ambassadors are great teaching tools and provide a rare opportunity to see and handle a reptile up close and personal.
Anything else?
We are a non-profit organization, meaning that we are volunteers who fund all of this out of our own pockets and do not make any money doing what we do. Donations are always welcome but are usually few and far between. We take care of reptiles because they are our passion, and because we hope to make a difference.
Reptile Rescue Center
Full Name: Reptile Rescue Center
Location: Little Rock, AR  US
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