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About Jennifer Quick
My Reptile Interests
I have four ball pythons ranging from one year old to four years old. I have a western hognose snake that is six months old; two juvenile bearded dragons, two anoles, and an albino leopard gecko.
Other Interests
Besides raising reptiles, I have many other pets as well. They are: three cats named Mouse, Imhotep, and Moon Pie; two guinea pigs, two hamsters, two ferrets, a Flemish giant rabbit named Killer, some random fish, and I also breed mice and rats for snake food. I am currently a retail manager but I'm trying to work my way into the funeral home business. I'd rather work with the deceased rather than the living. I'd like to be a coroner, but extended periods of school just isn't for me. Such is life. Animals are my life. If I could, I'd rescue all the sick, hurting, and abused animals that exist. I'm already going on 43 pets in my home, so unfortunately I'm starting to run out of room.
My favourite band would have to be Kiss. Of other newer bands, I'd have to say that I favour the Killers and Dresden Dolls. I guess you could say I have an eclectic taste for music sometimes.
My favourite film series is hands down the Halloween series, to the point of obsession. I'm in love with Michael Myers. No joke. Other than that, I love Phantom of the Opera, The Sound of Music, or just any old film.
I am currently not in school, because it was never my strong point.
Anything else?
I love body modification. So far I have 7 tattoos and 14 piercings. I plan on getting a Halloween themed sleeve and leg piece as soon as I can afford it. The more the better!
Full Name: Jennifer Quick
Location: Huntsville, AL  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 23, 1985
Member Since: Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Last Login: Saturday, January 30, 2010
iHerp Level Advanced Newbie (553 points)
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