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About Dan Phillips
My Reptile Interests
I really like geckos, both terrestrial and arboreal. Living in the mountains of North Carolina, I also am fond of the salamanders in the area. Can hike to different elevations and find different species. Pretty new to keeping herps, was introduced as a kid when a friend's dad had dozens of snakes. It always kind of stayed with me. My degree is biology with a concentration on ecology, love being out in the field, never know what you might find.
Other Interests
Like to hike, backpack, read, music, garden, blah, blah.
like to listen to Shinedown, Theory of a Deadman, Foo Fighters. Classics like Queen, Journey, Fleetwood Mac. I could go on and on.
Best comedy in my opinion is Caddyshack, then maybe Old School. Even though I'm a little bit older, I love the stupid sophomoric comedies. Oh yeah, can't forget Dumb and Dumber, great.
Received my degree in biology from University North Carolina-Asheville. I am a high school science teacher. Enjoy it most days, of course there are some days when I wonder what was wrong with me when I decided to be a teacher. Nice thing is that most of the students are really interested when they see the animals, regardless of age or how tough they are.
Anything else?
Questions, comments, tips, etc. please feel free to talk to me.
Full Name: Dan Phillips
Location: Asheville, NC  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 21, 1966
Member Since: Friday, August 14, 2009
Last Login: Sunday, March 7, 2010
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