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About Melissa Walker
My Reptile Interests
My youngest daughter, and I first started keeping reptiles Jan. 2011. Peekaboo was her first snake, and our first reptile. Peekaboo was purchased from Petco on January 19, 2011, and died 14 days later on February 2, 2011. He was not feeding, and lost an incredible amount of weight rapidly. He was tube fed at the vet four days before he died. During that exam, the vet couldn't find anything wrong with him other than the weight loss and anemia from not feeding. The necropsy following his death did not yield an exact cause of death, but the vet was able to rule out any kind of illness, injury, and/or starvation. Having been affected so profoundly by Peekaboo, I committed to bringing another snake into our family. I purchased Malachite from Jenn of T and J's Corns for my youngest daughter. T and J's had purchased from Stephen Wagner, another breeder. Malachite was hatched in 2006 (month and date unknown). He's been with us since May 2011, and doing well. : ) My friend from high school, Samantha Caputo of Serpent Sisters, who bought Strife from Royal Constrictor Designs, then generously gave him to me to introduce me to ball pythons. In return, I will be giving her Buttons. Strife was hatched 7/4/11. We also have two cats, six ferrets, and three guinea pigs. Recent additions to our family include Harlequin (king snake), Solaris (leopard gecko), and Scorpius (bearded dragon) - all of which are rescues that we've adopted. In the future we hope to have several more species of snakes, frogs, skinks, and turtles/tortoises. I'm sure our reptile & amphibian family will continue to grow year by year. : )
Other Interests
There's really too much to type out. To find out more about me, visit my Google Plus page:
Too many to type out. I used to play the organ, the flute, and the violin. I do not have a podcast, but I have been working with the Herper's Hangouts on Google Plus.
Too many to type out re: movies. I'm not into celebrities.
Stay-at-home, home-educating mother & wife. I plan to go back to school in a few years to get my degree in Biology.
Anything else?
I am the President of the Midnight Sun Herpetoculture Society (Founder of the Fairbanks Chapter), a participating member of the National Herpetological Congress, and one of the admins for the Snake Awareness Day - Alaska pages on Facebook & Google Plus.
Full Name: Melissa Walker
Location: , AK  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 05, 1976
Member Since: Monday, October 17, 2011
Last Login: Saturday, August 3, 2013
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