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Zac Freer

About Zac Freer
My Reptile Interests
I currently keep 4 species; BCI, Dumeril's Boa, Bearded Dragon and Crested Geckos. I have kept reptiles for 20 years now, and had a fairly wide variety of species, from jackson's chameleons to boas. My Collection is small, but I focus on quality of care over quantity. I breed occasionally, but only as a hobby. My main interests are Crocodilians and Monitors. I have worked with Alligators for a while, and they are my true passion. I hope to some day open a rescue for problem gators in texas that have grown too accustomed to human interaction.
Other Interests
Blacksmithing, Costuming, Fabrication, Prop building, Read, draw.
Misfits, Johnny Cash, Amon Amarth, the Clash, The Ramones, Cream, Led Zep, Flogging Molly, Drop kick Murphys, Iron Maiden.
Star Wars, Anchor Man, King Arthur, the Big Lebowski, Rocky Horror Picture show, Muppets anything.
I left a career as an Aircraft mechanic to go back to school. I am currently attending college for a bachelors in Wildlife Biology. I am a veteran of the US Navy, attending school on my Montgomery GI Bill, and work as a blacksmith and medieval craftsman at various faires and festivals.
Anything else?
I do not "herp Inside the box" (the belief that there is only one set of rules for every species), and like to vary up my husbandry to meet the individual needs of each animal. As long as the animal is healthy, and behaving normally, I think that is what counts the most.
Full Name: <private>
Location: Fort Worth, TX  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 05, 1981
Member Since: Friday, January 20, 2012
Last Login: Sunday, February 5, 2012
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