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About Ela Winter
My Reptile Interests
I am currently a jackie of all trades, I currently have a lovely Spider Ball python, a Rough Scaled Sand Boa, and a Desert King Snake, though I am quite interested in starting my own breeding project, which I think with start with Crested Geckos =)
Other Interests
I am a scuba diver at the local aquarium so I get to play with sea turtles and dolphins and big fish. I am student study exotic vet med, so I am usually quite busy doing homework XD If that counts XD I'm specializing in reptiles and marine mammals, because they are my favorite things (that couldn't be further away from each other)
Oh I listen to everything, Rock normally, country when I'm in that kinda mood, pop and techno when I wanna dance ^_~
Armageddon favorite movie EVER, next to Gamer, and the Moulin Rouge! The rules I live by FREEDOM BEAUTY TRUTH AND LOVE!
I'm a student study Vet Med which basically engulfs most of my life.
Anything else?
I'm a college student in Tampa, FL and I’m probably one of the freakiest people you’ll ever meet, but I’ll guarantee you that I’m one of the most honest, loyal, amusing friends you’ll ever have. I’m a Dreamer, A Believer, A Seeker, A Healer, A hopeful, sometimes thick headed, hopeless romantic that sometimes even believe that there’s good in the world and I try to push it because being dead and anti-social really isn’t that cool, so grow up society! I’m a worry wart, smart girl and a smart ass. I believe in ghosts and that the sky is really clear, and that blue is an illusion played by the mind, much like Life and Reality. Because No one ever claimed Life is really serious, so lets paint each other violet and end racism. Peace is a great idea and theory and in the mind but rarely works in real life. The real world really is out there but only if you see through rainbow glasses with glitter sparklers. You have to live for today, because tomorrow a star may fall on your head and you’ll never be able to imagine your life without them again. You have to believe in something because something is better than nothing and if nothing is really out there then what did you lose in keeping yourself hopeful for a few years? Time is short so keep your chin up and smile, because smiling is the best way to make others smile, and if all else fails, tickle them because none of your friends should cry if they mean something to you. And if they do cry because of someone else, beat the hell outta the person that hurt them and take them out for pizza & ice cream because that would end world fighting! Remember to dance even if your a cracker because we may not be able to crank dat shit, but I guarantee I can belly-dance like an Indian Chica. Live life the way you want to, who cares really? Its you after all and everyone is an amazing person and with that, I say unto you....! Life's a natural roller-coaster, are you along for the ride?
Full Name: Ela Winter
Location: TAMPA, FL  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 21, 1990
Member Since: Saturday, July 30, 2011
Last Login: Tuesday, February 12, 2013
iHerp Level Spice Weasel (13,185 points)
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