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About sky animal girl
My Reptile Interests
I have always had a intrest in all reptiles. I have kept reptiles all of my life so far, my first herp was a leopard gecko that my parents had as a baby,before I was born, her name is sandy and she is almost twenty years old, right now I own 2 bull snakes, 4 cornsnakes, 1 carpet python,1 leopard gecko,1 curly tail lizard,2 long tailed lizards,1 sulcata tortiose,1 green Iguana and 1 halmahera for field herping dont do much, I just recently caught a nothern water snake,and a couple of toads and frogs(in my pool).
Other Interests
well first off,I LOVE ALL ANIMALS,from bugs to cows,I currently own over 60 PETS!(most being fish)I work and ride on a horse farm ,and I own LOTS of hermit crabs,I also own 3 pet chickens!I love to take my dogs on walks and riding my bike,but my favorite thing to do when Im not with my reptiles is BUG catching,but the main idea is I love ALL ANIMALS!
Hmmm......what kind of music do I like? well to name a few ke$ha,katy perry,bruno mars and eminem.
my favorite movie would have to be between "Titanic" and "My girl",but I also like "flicka","flicka 2","karate kid" and "romeo and juliet"(with leonardo dicaprio)
I am homescooled by my mother, the only work I do is work on a horse farm.(and cleaning my animal cages lol)
Anything else?
I love swimming,fish,Drawing, DC shoes,neon colors, and I try to be as unique as I can B!!
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Birthday: October 20
Member Since: Sunday, May 1, 2011
Last Login: Wednesday, November 12, 2014
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