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Kim Heller

About Kim Heller
My Reptile Interests
Chondros, Womas, Uromastyx, Ball Python, Gargoyle Gecko, Spotted Turtle, Tarantulas, Savannah Monitor. I admire and have great respect for venomous creatures.
Other Interests
Zombies. Firearms (HK) (I have a very strong opinion on the right to bear arms). Ink. Bulldogs. Suicide education/prevention. Books. Photography. Rekindled an old love of ferrets. We now have four. Gardening/exotic plants and flowers. Hanging out with my perfect boyfriend.
Alkaline Trio. Zombie. The Cult. The Cure. Static-X. Disturbed. Moby. The Prodigy. Social Distortion. Manson. Chemical Brothers. Z Trip. Type O Negative. Old Skool Rap. Ramones. DKM. Alice in Chains. System of a Down. 3 Doors Down. Orgy. VNV Nation. Industrial. Power Noise I like most music, except country.
Fight Club. Trainspotting. Crash. 40 Year Old Virgin. Snatch. Fido. Anything with zombies. They fascinate me. Layer Cake. Candy. Lost Highway. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Natural Born Killers. Heat. Office Space. The Usual Suspects.Twin Peaks. Anything and everything w/Milla Jovovich. Best in Show. The Machinist. American Psycho. Down in the Valley. American History X. So many new movies that I've seen in the last few months. Lots of good stuff out there that I had no idea I was missing.
I send money all over the world.
Anything else?
I'm living the perfect life. :)
Full Name: Kim Heller
Location: , IN  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 23
Member Since: Thursday, October 18, 2007
Last Login: Monday, December 3, 2012
iHerp Level Superbad (77,100 points)
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