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About Miguel
My Reptile Interests
My reptile interest started a little over a year ago. I was out in the mountains with my girlfriend exploring looking for water pretty much everything was dry. Until I found one spot hiddent around the side of a mountain nice water fall except everything was filled with nasty moss. while we were exploring I saw something jump from the corner of my eye and found out it was a California Tree Frog. So I decided to catch it and I did some how. So I took it home put it in a tank kept it for a week, I felt bad so I put it back in the same spot along with a bigger frog which I also saw jump from the corner of my eye. From then on my girlfriend says "It all started with that frog". I have had animals before I've had tons of fish, had many small turtles, then went on to owning four rats which I had to get rid of sadly. They were all females named Sara, Sophie, Tootsie ad Peaches. So after the frog I saved up some money and got myself two bearded dragons named "Red" and "Tank" I had them for about 3months before my parents decided I was wasting to much money on them and had to give them away. So as mad as I was I did sell them and I only lasted about 2 weeks before I decided forget my parents and bought 6 leopard geckos I had them for 2months before again my parents decided it was time to go. So I found someone who bought them and is now breeding them and is now a good friend. Once I got rid of them right away I got some crested geckos a told myself I wouldn't let my parents deny me my passion for reptiles. So now I'm a crested gecko breeder and love all the rhacodactylus species and all types of geckos my dreams are to one day have a room in my own house dedicated to a variety of rhacs, leo's and bearded dragons. As well as have my own website or store.
Other Interests
I like toTravel around get lost in the mountains of Hollywood, I enjoy food and play video games with my girlfriend starting to get into bicycles as well.
I played the tenor saxophone for five years but I graduate high school and haven't played since sadly. Favorite bands anything thats classic rock, old school hip hop, and rap. The new school stuff shouldn't be considered hip hop the majority of the song is one sentence. It doesn't have any soul or story to it its just words with different tone and pitch people just like the beat.
Like all Mila Kunis ,Adam Sandler movies except for Jack & Jill, Keanu Reeves , Cuba Gooding Jr, Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, denzel washington Jonah Hill, seth rogen, etc..
Future A&P mechanic. Also fix cars from time to time with my father i love old school Volkwagons i have a 1970 fastback which is currently a project but is soon to come back to life. Love all old school cars hate new age cars!
Anything else?
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Full Name: Miguel
Location: <private>
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 26
Member Since: Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Last Login: Sunday, December 1, 2013
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