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About Boalicious
My Reptile Interests
I love most animals. Right now I focus on my dogs and my boas. Like many others I have an enormous "if I ever hit the lottery" wishlist of different reptiles though, so you never can tell ;)
Other Interests
Other than spending time with my animal family when I'm not working I enjoy cooking, reading, writing ( I started my first novel two years ago... labor of love) and spending time with my family and doing anything with my animals outdoors. I'm a huge fan of horror films, love Starbucks, sushi, platform heels and chocolate! After moving to Texas and NOT liking it at all, I moved back home to PA and now along with writing I am working FT as a shift supervisor for Pet Supplies Plus where I LOVE educating the "neighbors" who come in the store and the young people on our staff about reptiles and the other small mammals, birds and fish we have available as well as helping them all to resolve any issues they are experiencing with their particular animal family at home!
TOOL Seether A Perfect Circle Marilyn Manson Daughtry Deftones 30 Seconds To Mars Apocalyptica Collide Puscifer Slipknot
Horror mostly... Silence of the Lambs ( and all the Hannibal series) Dread (Horrorfest remake) The Howling American Werewolf in London " " Paris What Lies Beneath The Collector (Collection) The Descent American Mary Favorite TV: Hannibal, Bates Motel, Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Vikings, Grimm, Face Off, History Channel, Hemlock Grove (Netflix Original), Gator Boys, Pitbulls and Parolees, Spartacus and recently getting into Those Who Kill on A&E.
Writer, Shift Supervisor for Pet Supplies Plus and currently taking online course study in dog grooming to prepare for certification next year.
Anything else?
I prefer animals to most people and I don't think there is anything more gratifying or rewarding than loving and caring for them unconditionally. ( something humans are just about incapable of towards one another in the truest sense) On Instagram I am boas4belle. :)
Full Name: <private>
Location: North Huntingdon, PA  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 09, 1965
Member Since: Monday, July 29, 2013
Last Login: Sunday, April 5, 2020
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