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About Macy "Mickey" K
My Reptile Interests
I'm interested in most anything but my personal preferences lean to something that will hold on to me. With this, I've been able to eliminate animals that I've shown interest in from coming into my collection. I may sound picky but I tend to bond better with these animal. Animals that make great advocates for reptiles come with me to my educational school program.
Other Interests
My interests still include animals. I'm working very hard to become a veterinarian, to be specialized in everything from cats and dogs to sheep and horses to snakes and lizards. But animals aside I enjoy bring social and helping others.
Oh gosh. I couldn't list them all. I mostly listen to rock. Some country when I'm in the mood. I can't stand rap or the new pop music. Ick but enjoy the older stuff
Again, too many to list. I love horrors and any movie that has to do with animals. Also any film with Adam Sandler is worth watching.
Full time high school student. Full time big sister. Full time best friend. Full time reptile mommy
Anything else?
I love learning. I'm the least judgmental person you may ever meet but I'm still human and I make mistakes. I'm extremely open minded. I enjoy teaching others about being less judgmental and and being open minded. I do educational speeches at my school about reptiles. Learning and accepting others way of life.
Full Name: Macy "Mickey" K
Location: Twin Cities, MN  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 26
Member Since: Saturday, October 12, 2013
Last Login: Thursday, August 22, 2019
iHerp Level Superbad (86,492 points)
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