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eye robot

About Robbie
My Reptile Interests
Other Interests
I have recently stumbled into the wild world of plants and orchids, and spend a good deal of time on a large terrarium.
frontline assembly, assemblage 23, the azoic, wumpscut, android lust, Hed PE, NIN, acid bath, ani difranco, front 242, nitzer ebb, unter null, terrorfakt, funker vogt, psyclon nine, Filament 38, birthday massacre, gary numan, a perefect circle, collide, arzt+pfusch, aslan faction, bauhaus, bile, tears for fears, terrorfakt, ministry, misfits, nitzer ebb, noisex, revolting cocks, feindflug, decoded feedback, david bowie, hocico, kompressor, leatherstrip, vnv nation, lords of acid, pigface, system of a down, tactical sekt, the smiths, combichrist, duran duran, aesthetic perfection, zeromancer, stromkern, ohgr, skinny puppy, plastic assault, plastic noise experience, seabound, pop will eat itself, portishead, psyclon nine, the sisters of mercy, suicide commando, the cure, Null Device, kmfdm, ladytron, mazzy star, missile command,
I enjoy bad horror movies, splatter and old B horror here are a few directors... Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, David Cronenberg, David Lynch, Sam Raimi, Coen Brothers, Jarmusch, Tim Burton, Peter Chung, Wes Anderson... as for movies heres a small list... suspiria, romero dead series (night, night 90, dawn, day, land), dead alive, may, the howling, the evil dead series, zombie lake, pieces, legend, the dark crystal, labyrinth, session 9, what dreams may come, crazy as hell, the crow, the aliens quadrilogy, signs, kevin smiths movies (clerks, clerks the cartoon, mallrats, dogma, chasing amy, jay and silent bob), snatch, rules of attraction, edward sissorhands, nightmare before christmas, creepshow, the return of the living dead, memento, dark city, the exorcist, stir of echoes, dead poets society, wild zero, fight club, 28 days later, Demons, the Beyond, kill bill volume 1, kill bill volume 2, i zombie, zombi, the lord of the rings, battle royale, pulp fiction, natural born killers, death to smoochy, dog soldiers, the life of david gale, sin city, hard rock zombies, zombie holocaust, cool world, total recall,the texas chainsaw massacre, rose red, the silence of the lambs, the goonies, beetlejuice
- not entered yet -
Anything else?
i do stuff when im not doing nothing...
Full Name: Robbie
Location: , CT  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 21, 1983
Member Since: Saturday, April 12, 2008
Last Login: Friday, November 22, 2013
iHerp Level Old Salt (47,816 points)
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