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About Mark Eyre
My Reptile Interests
Before I met my girlfriend, she had a Corn Snake called Kevin. Occasionally she would mention him but I never gave it a second thought. Not too long ago I visited an old friend of mine who had purchased a ball python. Once I had held him for five minutes I was completely mesmerised and on the way home was begging my girlfriend to look into getting another snake. A few days later I woke her up with a surprise...'There are two corn snakes on their way to us - one for me, a five year old corn snake, and one for you, and 18 month old strawberry albino corn'... Since then I just haven't looked back. Absolutely love everything about them. I have become completely obsessed, watching online videos, reading books, reading and writing in forums, keeping their snake diary's etc. etc.
Other Interests
I make music. All kinds; electronica, acoustic, rock, metal, rap, comedy. I just love writing lyrics and music and making them come to life with the aid of my MacBook Pro and Logic. Other than music, I do a lot of reading. I am also getting into book editing, and am currently editing an American authors first novel. Just getting my foot on the ladder...
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Always been a huge fan of Nick's writing and the Bad Seeds body of music. Also love Die Antwoord. Zef 2 def!
One flew over the cuckoos nest. Breaking Bad. Prison Break. Family Guy. American Dad. Inception. American History X. Fight Club. Cliffhanger.
I am currently unemployed (so have lots of time for the babies!) but I do love working and earning! I am currently editing an American authors novel which I am in receipt of a regular income and am hoping to secure a few more contracts of similar work in the coming months.
Anything else?
I have quite a few tattoos. My girlfriend (now fiancé) is a magnificent tattoo artist so I let her loose on my skin. I first met her when I called in for my labret piercing, which she pierced the wrong way around, which we found funny, then hit it off ever since. I love her with all my heart, and we have had some really bad low points regarding both our health, we have been unlucky many times, but right now we are in an amazing place, and we share our love for each other with our two babies; Daniel Quinn and Lola.
Full Name: Mark Eyre
Location: ,   GB
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 01, 1986
Member Since: Thursday, January 30, 2014
Last Login: Friday, March 7, 2014
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