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About clairdesol
My Reptile Interests
I have always been fascinated by reptiles. My first and only reptile is the lovely Jace, a male spider ball python. I've had Jace for nearly a year now. My boyfriend owns an Anery cornsnake and a harlequin crested gecko, so I learn a lot from his experiences. I am a member (with terrible attendance) of the TAMU Herpetology Society, and I thoroughly enjoy checking out the reptile expos in San Antonio and Austin. I have never done any field herping, but I wouldn't pass up the chance to go with an experienced group. Someday, when I'm more financially independent, I would love to enter the world of breeding reptiles. For now though, I will settle for collecting and learning as much as I can.
Other Interests
I dabble in horseback riding, yoga, video games and rock climbing.
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- not entered yet -
I'm a junior student majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Philosophy at Texas A&M University.
Anything else?
I'm here to stalk your gorgeous reptiles, absorb knowledge, keep track of my own herps, and hopefully acquire a light reticulated gargoyle gecko, which is actually what sent me to this site. All of the reputable breeders seem to have an iherp and now I can see why.
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