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About Heather C
My Reptile Interests
Currently I only specialize in Crested Geckos. I've kept and bred reptiles since 1989. After some major life changes, when I moved cross country and became a Mom, I drastically reduced my reptile collection and am now concentrating solely on keeping, raising and breeding high end, healthy Crested Geckos. They are stunning and make exceptional pets!
Other Interests
I mostly spend time with my family. I have two awesome, very young children and a wonderful husband. Between the geckos and the family, I don't have much time for other hobbies, though before the kids I used to play hockey, attend pro hockey games, travel, collect game worn hockey jerseys, horseback riding, vending reptile shows, spend time with my friends and I also had a 40+ hr per week job! Whew!
I love alternative rock and hard rock, with some classic rock thrown in the mix. Recently I've been listening to a bit of country as well.
I LOVE movies! All genres, and I don't really have one favorite and too many favorites to list right now.
I worked since I was 15 years old, and my most recent profession was an auto worker for 16 years. But when my husband and I became parents, we made the decision for me to be a stay-at-home Mom, and so I am to this day! It's the hardest job I've ever loved :)
Anything else?
I am a very small hobby breeder. I feel that by keeping my collection small, I can concentrate on high quality, healthy animals. It has taken several years but I am finally producing the gecko morphs that I had intended to when I set out initially. It has and continues to be a very rewarding process. These animals are amazing pets and I want my customers to be as happy with their geckos as I am.
Full Name: Heather C
Location: Lytle, TX  US
Gender: <private>
Birthday: July 23
Member Since: Thursday, January 26, 2012
Last Login: Friday, December 16, 2016
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