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About Greg
My Reptile Interests
I have been keeping Pythons for 3 yrs now, And still enjoy everyday careing for them. My collection has Grown to 13, most of my snakes are adult although i do have a 18mnth old childrens. I have 2 Blackheaded Pythons (also known as Rock Pythons) a Male & Female both 6-7 yrs old, 1 jungle x coastal F, 2 Murray Darlings (Inlands) M & F both 5-4 yrs old. 1 Beautiful F Coastal F 5 yrs old, 1 Male (hypo) Coastal 3yrs old, 6 childrens pythons 4 Females & 1 male 1 unknown, 2 of my childrens are gravid and are about to lay any time.
Other Interests
I'm a wheeler deeler Buy Sell Buy Sell Never stops, I am a member of the local Lions Club Our club has a secondhand furnitre depot that i sell any kind of household furniture or Bric-Brac that is donated to the club, i resell this to help all Emergency services in this area as well as other community organizations.
Genisis,Beatles,Savage Garden All old seventies stuff to many to mention
Definatly Fight Club, & Forrest Gump amused me a few times LOL Nicole Kiddman, Robert DeNiro, and a few more
See other Interests,
Anything else?
Love my Pythons Love Learning about them You can talk and teach about snakes but you wont learn their true nature until you keep them every snake has a different personality just as other wildlife out there in nature. Feeding is the most frustrating as these critters can go off food as fast as they take go back on again. When there back bones sticking out Panic LOL
Full Name: Greg
Location: Melbourne, Vic  AU
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 15
Member Since: Monday, October 20, 2008
Last Login: Saturday, November 8, 2008
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