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About Anna
My Reptile Interests
I am a USARK member and supporter. I love all reptiles, but definitely have a few favorites. I grew up wild herping along the coast of California with my best friend. We were known for our reptiles, always having them with/on us. If there was a snake in your house, we were the ones you called. That hasn't changed. I love tegus, monitors and red tail boas. Two dream reptiles of mine on my 'must own before I die' list are an Emerald tree monitor and a GTP.
Other Interests
Mom life, horses, my supercharged 05 Mustang GT, American muscle cars in general, my dogs, photography of all of the above...
Love music, can't live without it.
Binge watching anime with the hubby. Horror movies (by myself, he's a chicken)
Career in horse training. Currently pouring my soul into Fat Tegu Feeders. Our goal is to eventually breed red tail boas, ball pythons, and my personal lifelong goal is breeding tegus.
Anything else?
- not entered yet -
Full Name: Anna
Location: Tulsa, OK  US
Gender: <private>
Birthday: August 02
Member Since: Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Last Login: Saturday, September 15, 2018
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