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About WildArtist
My Reptile Interests
I have had lots of various reps when I was a kid. Field herping?! You bet! We have lizards all over, Horney Toads are my favorite to look at. I'm now a few years into my reptile habit, as far as keeping my own. I've kept a careful watch over the hows and whys before I dove in, but nothing prepared me for the discovery of the unscrupulous individuals that stole me of a family member (Natari, my Tegu). My animal passion has turned into a plight for the animal's well being. Help find Natari!
Other Interests
OMG, everything! Art, horses, training horses, friends, family, camping, critter this and that, and tons of other things; Life is frigging awesome!
I love Beastie Boys, One Republic, Rob Thomas, and sooo many other bands. My daughter provides me with a listening menagerie!
Avatar, is my most favorite. Too many to list: The Man From Snowy River is my all-time-fav. Lonesome Dove, Bed of Roses, whatever that owl movie was that I can't think of right now. Too many to list, but Robert Duvall is a biggie, Melanie Griffith, Nick Cage, blah blah blah.
I am no longer able to work, although my art is still important to me, I was a professional driver (among other trades).
Anything else?
Nah, just that I'm upbeat, a bit punk hearted with a cowgirl foundation and I love animals, things done right & well, and cool people who are able to handle my upfront personality.
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Member Since: Sunday, August 14, 2011
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