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About brett bloom
My Reptile Interests
i have been keeping herps and arachnids since i was six years old. i have had everything from pythons to boas, kings to corns, vipers to cobras, from iguanas to caimans, from geckos to chameleons, from spiders to centipedes. as of right now i am mostly working with Colubrids and trying to veer away from pythons and boas. when i was living in south florida i used to go field herping almost every other day, now for the past year i have been in texas and really don't have a clue of the good spots, but i do what i can.
Other Interests
in my spare time i like to go to concerts, play pool, watch movies and just make an ass of myself in public. but when im sitting home relaxing, i like to write music and also record for my next album (its called f*ck the 325) and write poetry.
i like to rap (i may be white, but have a very dark side). my favorite artists and bands to name a few are: ICP, twiztid, PDM, necro, ill bill, kgp, malice, brotha lynch hung, insane poetry, kmk, AOTP, jedi mind tricks, etc....
i have to many favorites but to name a few movies i love: a nightmare on elm street (all of em, especially the first one, watching johnny depp die is great) all the halloween movies (except the second one, it sucked). natural born killers, and batman.
finished my A.S. in radiology, went back to school for my B.S. in herpetology still need 8 credits but dont have time to do it right now. i will go back for it, that is a definate.
Anything else?
"i am what your parents told you to stay away from, chaos. while you sleep i destroy the earth." words from my hero, iy you dont know who it is, just ask.
Full Name: brett bloom
Location: brownwood, TX  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 23, 1983
Member Since: Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Last Login: Tuesday, December 10, 2013
iHerp Level Old Salt (38,384 points)
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