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About iggy_zilla
My Reptile Interests
I currently keep a green iguana, a Columbian rainbow boa, a breeding pair of normal leopard geckos, a breeding pair of blazing blizzard het red eye (proven) leopard geckos, a tokay gecko, seven young brown anoles (future breeders), a green tree frog, a barking tree frog, two bull frogs and two bull frog tadpoles. I have been keeping herps for ten years and have had many different species besides those listed. I enjoy field herping and looking for native (and invasive) species when the weather permits. I volunteer at a non-kill reptile rescue that saves wildlife and unwanted herp pets. I do not promote the mass capture and collection of wild or non-captive bred animals because it damages fragile ecosystems.
Other Interests
Breeding tropical and native fish, volunteering at a raptor rescue that rehabilitates wild birds of prey and saves birds that can no longer fly or live in the wild.
I play the drums
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In school to become a Veterinarian Technician. Took several Aquaculture courses to learn how to farm and mass produce fish.
Anything else?
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