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About Lyzz & Ian Stewart
My Reptile Interests
Ian and I are recent reptile lovers. It started at Christmas. Ian had been wanting a PacMan frog for over a year. So, I decided to surprise him with one for Christmas! The frog's name was Escobar. Unfortunately, Escobar swallowed some substrate and passed away. My husband was very upset and went to multiple pet shops in the area to find a replacement. He found Lump and adopted him. At that time, he decided that a Chinese Water Dragon would be a perfect Valentine's Day present. So, Valentine's Day became Valentine's Dragon Day. We adopted Mushu. When Ian went back to the store the next day, several store employees encouraged him to adopt an injured water dragon - with only three feet! From there, we started venturing to the specialty reptile shops and shows and found several more babies. We are in love with reptiles and amphibians and have a total of six herps and three cats.
Other Interests
Both Ian and Lyzz love spending time with friends, watching Star Trek episodes, and traveling. They are both voraficious readers. Lyzz is an avid scrapbooker. She is also loves to doodle and is learning how to sew/quilt. Ian is a science fiction writer, as well as an avid fan of vintage science fiction and suffers a wikipedia.
Ian and Lyzz have dramatically different tastes in music. Lyzz prefers more mainstream music - adult contemporary, country, and pop. Ian listens to techno and other underground music, but tolerates everything Lyzz listens to except country and NPR. Game and Movie Soundtracks are a particular favorite.
UP, Coraline, Wall-E, Shutter Island, Godzilla, (Of course!)
Ian is in school to become a pharmacy technician. He is also a passable writer and a decent House husband. Lyzz is in school to finish her PhD in nursing education. She is a registered nurse. She works two part-time jobs while she finished up school.
Anything else?
We enjoy a lot of web comics, and in no particular order we can recomend Girl Genius, Octopus Pie, XKCD, Questionable Content and Penny-Arcade.
Full Name: Lyzz & Ian Stewart
Location: Vancouver, WA  US
Gender: <private>
Birthday: August 22
Member Since: Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Last Login: Tuesday, February 15, 2011
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