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About Mari Siirilä
My Reptile Interests
Snakes. Corn Snakes. Simple as that. :) And I'm insanely interested in corn snakes' genetics which is one of the reasons why I'm starting my own breeding projects. Finnish nature doesn't provide too good options for field herping especially when you live in a city, and so far I've done field herping only once last summer - with the result of spotting four deers. :D
Other Interests
I'm becoming a workoholic, so my job is my fun. But when I have the time and inspiration I draw and paint. I've just entered into a new field of arts which is caricatures. I'm also interested in different sorts of energy healings and I've studied the Usui Reiki healing levels 1 and 2.
Disturbed is my utmost favorite, others for example Green Day, FooFighters, Nickelback...and George Michael, Michael Jackson....
Jason Statham is definitely one of my favorites. Gotta love the british coolness and the masculine essence that oozes testosterone. ;)
I work as a sales negotiator in a small company that organizes marketing events (fairs). I also keep educating myself and right now I'm starting the studies of social pediatrics in University.
Anything else?
My motto: "I'm not perfect. I'm lacking a flaw." :)
Full Name: Mari Siirilä
Location: ,   FI
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 03, 1980
Member Since: Sunday, September 27, 2009
Last Login: Wednesday, May 25, 2011
iHerp Level More Cowbell (24,464 points)
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