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About Dean Taylor
My Reptile Interests
I love them all and have done so since I was a kid. Started with Smooth Newts at about 6 years old (if that counts) but then more seriously around 10 years old in Uk, started with Slow Worms, then Garters, Corns, Alligator Lizards, Skinks. I like amphibians too of course but only went as far as European Tree Frogs, Salamanders, Newts and Axolotles. Ive had two Bosc monitors, an Asian Water Monitor and even a young Nile at one point. Now I have two Iguanas from hatchlings, now about 4 yrs old. I have 1 Ball Python also about 4. I have two hatchling Common Boas also now, love at first sight... I have 3 species of Turtle. I used to have Axolotles here too (I am English but I have lived in Shanghai for the last 10 years) but its just too hot in summer.
Other Interests
I love music esp. in a bar with friends! Sci fi, esp the old movies, Alien, Dune, Blade Runner etc. Cooking, eating, drinking, laughing, sleeping (but not for long these days) etc. Somethings we must do every day so lets enjoy them as much as possible right? I am no sportsman but used to love to play Squash and I like to swim once in a while. Can't stand football (Soccer), Rugby is better. Like world history but hated it at school. Prefer philosophy over religion, interested in all but I suppose I am an Atheist. I prefer being open not closed minded, religion and faith are different things entirely. I have the latter except in people generally. I have travelled quite a lot but mostly for work purposes unfortunately. I have friends from many countries and personally believe we should celebrate our differences rather than complain about them..its a marvellous, lucky, unique, amazing planet and the only one I know a little about. So just when you think Herpetology is complicated theres the Human race (and I used to think Monitors and Iguanas were moody..)
My tastes are pretty much eclectic so favorites change with the wind and the mood i am in..I guess I like old rock the best. Favourite song of the month (Sept, 2014) is probably Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini.
Anything Sci Fi or Historical fantasy. Need more Game of Thrones, 3 series aint enough. The books are great but I like Tv dinners ..
Ahh. Love my job usually but dont want to talk about it..takes me to strange places every now and again..
Anything else?
I am an Englishman living in China what else can I say..usually anything I want in fact because foreigners are not taken too seriously thankfully. Appreciate that most members here are from The States, no big difference "you say Ball Python, I say Royal". We both mean P. Regius at the end of the day. Probably much more, but I am not one of my favourite subjects..
Full Name: Dean Taylor
Location: <private>
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 09, 1966
Member Since: Thursday, September 11, 2014
Last Login: Thursday, July 25, 2019
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