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About Andrea F.
My Reptile Interests
My boyfriend and I have a small collection of ball pythons :), and one red tailed boa. I've been interested in reptiles all my life but only started owning them when I moved into my own place. I am hoping to start breeding my BP's when they reach appropriate age but that won't be for a while now. I only have snakes at the moment but I am really interested in Monitors. Hoping to learn more about them and find out the perfect type for us and maybe someday add it our home. Heroticus- juvenile Pastel BP male Widow- juvenile Spider BP female Chimera- juvenile BP female Festus- 3 year old BP Male Saxton- 4 year old Red Tailed Boa
Other Interests
Outside of the reptile world I am a slight gym freak and enjoy going multiple times a week. I am also learning how to kick box which I now realize is a lot harder than I thought. Other than that I enjoy swimming, roller blading, horse back riding, shooting range, camping, tide pools.... blah blah blah blah.
Do I play? Ha! I have no talent when it comes to music... and that's putting it gently.
I won't bore you with the list. It goes on forever.
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Anything else?
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Full Name: Andrea F.
Location: <private>
Gender: <private>
Birthday: November 21, 1987
Member Since: Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Last Login: Wednesday, August 7, 2013
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