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About Natalie V.
My Reptile Interests
I have loved reptiles all my life. My first herps were tadpoles from a local creek that turned into little frogs. My first official reptile was a green anole named "Larry" when I was in 2nd grade. After highschool I started getting into more elaborate species. I was lucky enough to get a male veiled chameleon, and from there the "zoo" started to grow. I have a soft spot for iguanas, monitors, and Argentine tegus. I love the level of intelligence these amazing animals possess and their potential for being truly LOVING creatures.
Other Interests
I LOVE to dance, draw, play the piano, hang out with friends, and spend time with my animals.
I have been playing the piano ever since I was in kindergarten and I really enjoy playing Yanni's music. However, I absolutely LOVE rock music. Favorite bands: Chevelle, Killswitch Engage, Rob Zombie, The Rolling Stones, KoRn, Slipknot, Nickelback and many others. :) Strangely, I also really like opera and the classics - even celtic music. Anything that you can dance to! :)
Favorite movies: How to train your dragon, Pirates of the Caribbean the Curse of the Black Pearl, 300, The Phantom of the Opera, Kick Ass, Robin Hood (Russell Crowe), AVATAR, the Indiana Jones movies, and Crocodile Dundee! :)
I graduated from Sierra Nevada College in May 2011 with a degree in biology and a minor in psychology.
Anything else?
I love animals, I HATE mean people.
Full Name: Natalie V.
Location: <private>
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 26, 1986
Member Since: Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Last Login: Saturday, January 16, 2016
iHerp Level Loyal Veteran (50,401 points)
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