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Bob Stephanos

About Bob Stephanos
My Reptile Interests
A bunch of Chondros,big bull male Green Iguana 12yrs,Veiled Chameleons, SunGazers, I field herp in My back yard..
Other Interests
Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Night Scuba Diving, Reef Aquariums, Fresh water Aquaria, Showing AKC Dogs Bullmastiffs,Rottweilers Dobermans,Great Danes, Chase my girl around the fitness circuit. Gym Rat.Movies.Fishing, Home Theater,Collect Dinosaur Art, and Skulls.
Metallica,Depeche Mode,Disturbed,Godsmack,Pink Floyd,Staind,Live,Slim Whitmen,Slip Knot.
Blade Runner,Alien,300,Godfather,King Kong, Gladiator,RobRoy,Goodfellas,Pulp Fiction,Departed,The Thing, Beast from 20k Fathoms,Good Will Hunting, Rounders,30 Days of Night,Them, Cloverfield,RoboCop.GrindHouse,Dusk til Dawn.Platoon,FullMetalJacket, Blackhawk Down,Saving Private Ryan,Patton,Lawrence of Arabia,American Beauty, Jaws, Day the Earth Stood Still.War of the World(Original)Donny Brasco, Blue Velvet,Anchorman 40yr Old Virgin, Talledega Nights,Swingers,That enough?
Rejuvenation Clinic
Anything else?
I like Arowannas,Bats,Interesting view points that are well stated.
Full Name: Bob Stephanos
Location: Palm Beach Garden, FL  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 04
Member Since: Monday, April 7, 2008
Last Login: Wednesday, August 20, 2008
iHerp Level Spice Weasel (9,724 points)
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