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About Rin Wolfe
My Reptile Interests
I don't currently keep any herps due to my living arrangements, but I hope to soon be able to start my collection. I have owned corn garter snakes before, as well as one uromastyx, though those were in my childhood. I love Ball Pythons, RTBs, Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Corns, King Snakes, Tegus, Hognoses, and tons of other herps, though I'm definitely more of a reptile person. I have done some field herping, but don't get to do it nearly as much as I'd like to anymore.
Other Interests
I love to draw (both digitally and traditionally), sewing, making costumes, singing, cooking, going to conventions, reading, and derping around the internet. I am in several online fandoms including that of furries, Homestuck, MLP (though not much anymore), and some more minor fandoms. I love anything to do with science, particularly zoology and astronomy.
I love a lot of techno, industrial, alternative, classic rock, and some classical music. My favorite bands would probably be the Killers, the Bravery, Angelspit, Anamanaguchi, Love Through Cannibalism, Renard's Mayhem, and a smattering of other random artists. I'm not a huge fan of country or metal, but I have a weird soft spot for some rap. I have stupid amounts of music (something over 120gbs) and I'm always looking for more. I used to play a bit of acoustic guitar and I currently play the ocarina.
Favorite movies include Donnie Darko, A Clockwork Orange, Silence of the Lambs, anything Disney, anything Ghibli (particularly Nausicaa and Spirited Away), Avatar, Dragonheart...probably some others.
I'm not currently in school because I absolutely hate my country's idea of education and I don't want to be in soul-crushing debt. I work as an associate in retail and create custom art commissions in my free time, as well as selling my work at conventions. I'd love to make a living with reptiles, art, and body modification.
Anything else?
I'm very friendly but shy at first. I'm engaged to a wonderful doof named Wesley. My engagement ring is in the shape of a snake.
Full Name: Rin Wolfe
Location: Gambrills, MD  US
Gender: <private>
Birthday: November 21
Member Since: Saturday, February 9, 2013
Last Login: Monday, March 4, 2013
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