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Tegs Rex

About Tegs Rex
My Reptile Interests
I have been keeping reptiles since I was young enough to catch them. I'm not sure if you could call that any form of field herping, but I guess you could say I've been an amateur for most of my life! Right now I'm focusing on my studies and would really like to go herping, but really take an interest in more tropical life. Living near chicago sort of limits me to just about everything I caught as a child living in the country! I own a Tegu, a Snapping Turtle, a Corn Snake, Two Tree Frogs, Three Anoles. I also keep feeders; Black Pepper Roaches and Mollies. And on top of that, I have a tropical fish tank with four tiger barbs, 2 otto cats, a pleco, ram horn snails and a bamboo shrimp. I am currently practicing the cultivation of moss in that tank as well.
Other Interests
You could call me a computer nerd, but I spend as much time as I can socializing with friends and meeting new people. Now that the weather is warming up I'll be spending much more time outside with my animal companions. I really enjoy showing them off and educating others about them, letting them interact. I am very serious about anyone who is wishing to own an exotic, be it herp, mammal, fish, what have you. I am currently part of a club at my University, Teachers for Creatures, that focuses on the education of proper husbandry and livelihood of exotic pets.
My favorite bands are Tool, Die Toten Hosen, Rammstein, The Mars Volta, Blue Oyster Cult, Guns adn Roses, The Steve Miller Band, THE BEATLES, so and so forth.
I love the Bond Series, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Out Cold, Smoking Aces, just about anything by Quentin Tarantino: Pulp fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Inglorious Bastards etc., and Mel Brookes in my opinion is hilarious: Men in Tights and History of the World Part 1.
I spend most of my time at the University of Illinois studying Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. I'm currently unemployed by choice, but looking to pursue a job/career in my major around late April early May.
Anything else?
I'm pretty out there, I have a fairly open sense of humor and I try to respect and accept everyone for who they are and how they treat and accept their world around them. I really feel that the human race needs to learn to focus on long term goals beneficial for everyone and everything, rather than focusing on right here right now. It will result in a happier and healthier race and environment for generations to come. I'm ready. Are you?
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Gender: Male
Birthday: March 01, 1989
Member Since: Wednesday, March 10, 2010
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