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About Richard Saxton
My Reptile Interests
I am just starting off i have the equipment, time, and money to breed these amazing animals just getting the hang of the experience tho. At the moment i have just snakes, I am planning on breeding some dragons but no real set time
Other Interests
paintball, mechanic, and video games
i play a little bass in my band and a little drums as well favorite bands are from # 1 down AFI, Rise Against, 30 seconds to mars, and i am warming up to marilyn lately
ok well i think meghan good is gorgeous ( stomp the yard, roller bounce ) and the girl from transformaers too lazy to look up her name favorite movies to sum it up all war action movies 300, braveheart, troy, alexander, the last samurai, crank, and some dance movies step up 1,2 stomp the yard, and you got served
I am a surveyer in alberta for oil and gas exploration
Anything else?
just starting out so if you have any tips i would love to hear from you please no stupid or rude comment I will just delete them as soon as i see them. I realize my collection is small and the size of them are not huge so you dont have to let me know
Full Name: Richard Saxton
Location: Winnipeg, MB  CA
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 20, 1987
Member Since: Monday, October 27, 2008
Last Login: Thursday, May 28, 2009
iHerp Level Spicy Pepper (5,107 points)
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10/29/2008 starting out [Public] 
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