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About ChrisCarille
My Reptile Interests
I've only kept snakes since 2006, but have kept a lot of different species. Reptile species kept include: Epicrates cenchria cenchria, E. striatus striatus, E. striatus fosteri, Leptodiera annulata, Sibon annulata, Dipsas variegata, Imantodes cenchoa, Candoia bibroni australis, C. carinata, C. paulsoni, Morelia spilota cheynei, M. spilota ssp. (DCI carpet), M. bredli, M. viridis, Python regius, Lampropeltis getula brooksi, Corallus hortulanus, Corallus annulatus, Boa constrictor imperator, Gekko vittatus, Gekko ulikovskii, Chamaeleo calyptratus, Tribolonotus gracilis, T. novaeguineae, Pantherophis obsoletus, and Varanus salvator. I've also kept some amphibians: Hyla versicolor, Hyla cinerea, and blue phase Dendrobates auratus. I've had the great opportunity to find herps in Borneo, the Peruvian Amazon, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Belize. While backpacking I've found some neat species.
Other Interests
Lots of backpacking and photography. I have a snake business: and a photo business: I shoot weddings, wildlife, and freelance. I have had several displays, photos displayed in office buildings, and published in magazines. I even had a few photos used for a US Amphibious Forces guide (bushmaster and a CA coral snake). I also have authored a few articles: HerpNation Magazine - on Sibon and one on Hybridization; IRCF's Reptiles & Amphibians - on Candoia; Australia's Scales & Tails - on herping Costa Rica, Borneo, and a 3-part series on the US. I'm working on a book on Candoia (World's only I believe) right now that should be published this year.
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I am a Biology Teacher with a BS in Biology and a Masters in Zoology. I taught for three years (08-11) at Monroe-Woodbury High School but was forced to resign due to budget cuts. I have been an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Marist College for the last year and a half and at Mount Saint Mary College for a semester. I now am adjuncting at Dutchess Community College and will be back at Marist next semester. I also have a photo business (Chris Carille Photography) and a snake breeding business (Garden of Eden Exotics). My photography brings in some extra $$$ through weddings and print sales, and I've also been published in magazines and books and had work hung in corporate offices. I pretty much do a little of everything when I can. ;-)
Anything else?
I'm looking to start a new form of wedding photography, where I will backpack anywhere with the bride and groom to do their wedding photography in an outdoors or getaway setting. Think getting married on Mt. Everest, or in the middle of Glacier National Park surrounded by mountains. This will be for outdoorsy people that want something unique, and I'll be able to follow them into the exotic wilds and capture it all!
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