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About Jason Principi
My Reptile Interests
A Crested Eyelash Gecko. I'm brand new to herping and was given this gecko by a friend. I'm super exited to start herping fully. I do not do field herping currently.
Other Interests
I'm currently a student at the University of Hartford studying Audio Engineering. I'm in grunge/spook/surf band called The Amphibious Man. I love recording and writing music and am interested full heartedly on analogue equipment. I'm also an avid collector of oddities and strange literature and film.
As far as my favorite bands go, the answer to that question could change daily. I'm very immersed in the Lo-Fi underground and garage rock scenes and enjoy anything out of the ordinary. My primary instrument is guitar but I'm also semi-fluent in mandolin, classical celtic guitar, and percussion. I run my own radio show on 105.3FM WSAM, University of Hartford's college station. My show is called Green Slime and if you're interested, check it out here: I'm also in a grunge/spook/surf band called The Amphibious Man. Here's some of our tunes here: and here:
I find that I'm obsessed with classic horror films and the entire horror genre and have been for many years now. I love everything David Lynch has done including his 90's show "Twin Peaks". I also am very into indie films and some of my favorites are Paranoid Park, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Big Lebowsky, anything done by Tim and Eric (if you don't know who Tim and Eric are you should) and all of Harmony Korine's work.
I'm currently attending the University of Hartford in West Hartford Connecticut, studying Audio Engineering and Technology. I work for the Hartt School of Music as a sound design and stage manager assistant.
Anything else?
I'm basically a newbie at herping and all of this but am very interested in it and am eager to learn more.. If you feel like you can help me out on my quest for knowledge, please don't be shy!
Full Name: Jason Principi
Location: New Milford, CT  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 06, 1993
Member Since: Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Last Login: Monday, March 11, 2013
iHerp Level Spicy Pepper (6,948 points)
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