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About orphia
My Reptile Interests
2.1 rosy boas, 0.1 leucistic Texas rat snake, 1.0 hypo Honduran milk snake, 1.0 "blaze" goini king snake, 1.0 eastern indigo snake, 1.0 corn snake, 1.0 Sonoran gopher snake. I've been keeping for a decade or so. Unfortunately, not much opportunity to field herp this far north... Looking to add Loxocemus bicolor to my collection, especially a breeding trio.
Other Interests
Read. Knit. Get tattooed and pierced. Take many, many pictures.
Disturbed, Celldweller, Tool, Tea Party (band - not political party!), Matthew Good, A Perfect Circle, Cold, System of a Down, Sarah McLachlan, Lamb, Massive Attack, Esthero, Live, Gravity Kills, Econoline Crush, Sister Machine Gun... on and on.
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Full Name: <private>
Location: , AB  CA
Gender: <private>
Birthday: October 19
Member Since: Friday, September 21, 2012
Last Login: Friday, August 21, 2015
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