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About Jonathan Hanneken
My Reptile Interests
I had a bearded dragon when I was nine and haven't stopped since then. I keep just about anything that is donated to me. The only reptiles I keep as true pets are my redtail boas. I love them almost as much as my kids. I also run a reptile rescue in St.louis missouri and usually get my hands on the aggressive, abused, or neglected reptiles in my area. We hold monthly field herping classes for free in our area to anyone that wants to learn more about reptiles.
Other Interests
Me and my family like to have bonfires in the back yard, go to the park with my son, play fetch with the dogs, and I love playing on the PS3
I have no natural talent with music but I really like hollywood undead. I also help take care of alice coopers boa's at the exotic arc in St.Louis Missouri.
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Anything else?
If you would like to make a difference in the reptile scene in St.Louis then please visit our Facebook page and like it. You can visit us at or
Full Name: Jonathan Hanneken
Location: Hillsboro, MO  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 26, 1985
Member Since: Sunday, August 18, 2013
Last Login: Tuesday, November 18, 2014
iHerp Level Spice Weasel (8,868 points)
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