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About H. Joe Lewis
My Reptile Interests
Currently we have many bci boa morph projects as well as locality boas (Peruvian Boas, Hog Island, Corn Island and hopefully soon Sabrogae boas).
Other Interests
Our ultimate goal is to produce some fantastic animals and do as many shows as we can, traveling and hopefully paying our travel expense with sales at the shows. We recently completed our first show in New Orleans and met some wonderful new people. We will be doing another show in Slidell, La. We love to travel and hopefully we will meet some of you soon.
Joy has been a vocalist for years. I, Joe love music but the only thing I play is the radio! LOL My oldest son and daughter n law play and manage two bands in the New Orleans area. He's a fantastic guitarist and she is a phenominal vocalist. They are regulars in many of the favorite clubs in New Orleans. Their main band is "Tribal Butterfly".
Don't really have a favorite movie but do enjoy action and science fiction movies.
Retired from a very lengthy marketing career. My main interest now is spending time with our animals and guess you could say it IS my fulltime business.
Anything else?
We are always learning about our boas and recently have aquired a breeding colony of African sulcata spurred tortoises so are learning about them as well.
Full Name: H. Joe Lewis
Location: Denham Springs, LA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 24
Member Since: Friday, July 3, 2009
Last Login: Thursday, August 13, 2009
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