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About Michael Jacobi
My Reptile Interests
I began keeping herps almost 40 years ago. My cousin gave me a ribbon snake he caught in a suburban Chicago park and thus began a lifetime's passion. I began building a large collection of boids and colubrids in the early 80s and by the late 80s was breeding many snakes including some of the first albino Burms and pure Indians. But I was also always a tarantula keeper and interested in other herps and phased out snakes to work more with geckos, chameleons and dart frogs, as well as tarantulas. But the snake bug continued and in my second incarnation as a snake keeper I was mostly into venomous snakes, especially arboreal vipers and, specifically, African bush vipers (Atheris, see my I've been in the pet industry for 27 years now (formerly owned The Living Terrarium in Nashville) and been breeding reptiles and tarantulas for about 35 so I am well-rounded when it comes to herps and pets. After fading out of the snake and gecko communities and focusing on tarantulas, I now have begun a third life as a private snake keeper (outside of our business), focusing on carpets and looking to expand into other Morelia. And, through the business I am GM of, we are the nation's largest breeder of veiled chameleons, with average eggs laid of 1000 per month, with a record 1700+ last month, and also breed ball python morphs.
Other Interests
Outside of reptiles? Outside of arachnids? Outside of pets? Outside of writing, educating and building websites about all? Is there an outside?!?! Most of what I would list would have to do with exotic animals, nature, wildlife photography, etc., but outside of that entire realm I play guitar, online poker, and disc golf.
Bluegrass to black metal. Seriously. Favorite bands range from Tool to Pink Floyd, Yonder Mountain String Band to Widespread Panic and Gov't Mule, Rammstein to Cradle of Filth, and a lot in between.
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General manager of Northwest Zoological Supply, proprietor of, owner of Exotic Fauna Enterprises, author
Anything else?
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Full Name: Michael Jacobi
Location: Edmonds, WA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 05, 1964
Member Since: Monday, June 21, 2010
Last Login: Sunday, August 26, 2012
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