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About dave968
My Reptile Interests
3 ball pythons, 2 western hognoses, 2 kenyan sand boas, corn snake, bull snake, 2 bearded dragons. One ball is about 6 years old, the corn and bull are about 3 years and the others are under a year. The sand boa is about 1 1/2 but he is new to us. Not sure how old Reggie the dragon is. He was donated to us a while back. Both beardies and the leopard were donated to us. The corn and bull snakes live at school during the school year. The oldest dragon and the leopard used to.
Other Interests
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Metal, hard rock.
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Anything else?
I keep snakes but I absolutely hate getting bit or struck at. It bothers me to the point where I wonder why I do this. I don't know how to read their behavior and body language like I can with dogs. But I still love to handle them and keep them as pets. Not interested in breeding.
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