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About youthbreeder
My Reptile Interests
I keep only Ball Pythons, because I breed them. But since I was about 8 or so i've had a little bell albino leopard gecko. (who is vicious!!!!) I have had reptiles since I was about 5, I have always been interested in reptiles. I actually remember once in elementary school at the library there was a big reptile book that I swore by renewing until the librarian said i needed to get a different book so I could let other students see it. Haha and I still have that same passion for reptiles.
Other Interests
One of my other interests is fishing, I live in Colorado. So when i'm not being completely obsessed with my snakes, I go fishing with buddies of mine at local ponds for bass. And on weekends i'll go up to the mountains with my parents and fly fish all the streams and rivers that may hold Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats, Brookies, and any other species of Trout.
I love all kinds of music I listen mostly to Rock and Country.
- not entered yet -
I am going into my first year of highschool, and just beginning to actually produce my first clutch of ball python babies. So that will be coming up, and that will begin my ball python breeding business.
Anything else?
I am 14 years old and I breed ball pythons, recently I purchased a normal female which was ready to breed, and she was sick with a respiratory infection and I didn't know that so I held her then my other snakes and it got my entire collection very sick and 3 of them have died and 2 are still very sick, but they are getting better and I have pretty much gained an entirely new collection and and pretty much starting fresh again my first clutch is about to be from my 07' Mojave female to my 10' lesser male. So i'm hopefully going to be producing some Blue Eyed Leucistics!! and i'll be updating everyone who views my profile along the way.
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