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About John Austin
My Reptile Interests
I've always had a fascination for animals, especially reptiles, since as far back as I can remember. I can recall keeping native species of snakes, lizards and turtles as pets when I was a kid, and bought my first reptile from a pet store at the age of twelve (an Amazon tree boa), and since then I have had at times over a hundred animals and sadly at times maybe one or two. During my teen years my collection had a huge growth spurt with my first job. I was fortunate enough to have a supporting mother who put up with sharing half the freezer and allowing me to keep my collection at her house. Now as a grown up there has always been a reptile closet, room or entire half of the garage devoted to my animals. My wife unfortunately does not share my enthusiasm for herpetology but has supported me in my quest to expand my collection. She encourages me to share my passion with others especially the little ones in the family. I have come a long way from the small child who found lizards and frogs interesting pets to the person engaged in serious herpetoculture. With the kinship and love that we feel for our pets comes the responsibility of knowing and providing what is best for them. From the small mammals to keeping exotic reptiles and amphibians in our living rooms we can enhance both their lives and ours with the knowledge of where they came from, what type of environment they were born to, and the limitations which captive care imposes on our keeping of them.
Other Interests
I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I enjoy camping, fishing and tubing down the river. I have to be honest i am pretty much one dimensional, i do love herps and most of my time is devoted to them whether its checking out new petstores, zoo, snake shows, meeting new people or traveling it pretty much revolves around my animals.
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I like guy movies the whole action packed explosion, murder, thrillers. I love scary, gory bloody movies. A big fan of martial arts movies. Jet LI, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and countless others. What i like the most are fantasy movies, i love vampires {with the exception of the whole twilight girly movie} dragons, mythical creatures, and midieval things. My favorite movie of all time is Lost boys. I am not into movie actors or actresses i believe a movie speaks for itself without the whole class "a" actor.
I am a pipefitter foreman. i travel alot due to my job. I enjoy working the power outages, shutdowns and all of the overtime i can get because with my job its either feast or famine. i work hard but do get several off weeks during the year where i get to go camping and field hunting.
Anything else?
Often, people put the cart before the horse and buy an animal before educating themselves about its needs. The animal then has to endure until its requirements can be discovered and accommodated. This is obviously not ideal. Sometimes, a pet store staff person will give verbal instructions on care. At best this is too brief -- it is not reasonable to expect one person to tell everything about the care of an exotic animal to another, not to leave anything out, and for the other person to remember it all accurately, for years afterward. At worst, it can be well-intentioned misinformation, or even disinformation to encourage the sale of the animal or associated goods or feed ("Naaah, baby alligators don't get all that big, and you can always donate them to the zoo!"). Some wild-caught animals are sold in pet stores without any real information on their care or even their natural history being available -- they may never have been imported before and no one knows anything about them. This happens all the time as animals from a particular country or region become available, and wholesalers order up a quantity of new, cheap and "cool" animals. Most lizards, frogs and snakes can easily live for 10 years, and often much more. Water turtles can live for decades, tortoises for more than a century. When you buy a corn snake, a boa, a leopard gecko, are you in for the long haul, or will you be just the first in a sequence of owners? When you acquire a reptile or amphibian other than a turtle, think "15 years." If you're acquiring a turtle, you may need to will it to your grown children decades from now, when you become too old to care for it. If you think you'll be moving to a place where you won't have room for a pet reptile, if you think you might lose interest in the animal during the next decade and become weary of caring for it, if you might be heading off to college or could be traveling frequently, you might want to reconsider acquiring a pet reptile or amphibian. Many pet reptiles experience a sequence of homes and owners until they arrive at their "final home" where they suffer neglect due to ignorance, laziness or oversight. Animals such as green iguanas, large pythons and turtles are already a problem as far as the number in need of homes. It is particularly difficult to find good homes for these kinds of animals. I got this from Day Exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo
Full Name: John Austin
Location: Lake Jackson, TX  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 26, 1976
Member Since: Thursday, February 12, 2009
Last Login: Sunday, June 26, 2016
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