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About carnivorouszoo
My Reptile Interests
Mostly we keep snakes (only corns for now) but we study and relocate local herps we find near the streets. So far we have studied and moved 4 types of frog/toad and 3 box turtles. Saddly we found a rat snake mutilated by the creek with signs someone killed her for her eggs. We also do creek clean up to encourage wildlife in our area.
Other Interests
Outside of reptiles, I raise feeder mice. This is a hobby as I love the coat types and colors but could not breed for fun without my snakes as they eat the excess and keep my numbers under control. I also Crochet and spin my own yarn.
I sin Soprano, mostly choral music but I love to learn the songs of my fav artists (boys 2 men, all 4 one, jewel, shania twain, garth brooks, etc.). I have written a few songs but only lyrics not the music.
Movie: The Last Unicorn. Actors: Hugh Lorie, the guy that played Doc Brown in the back to the future films, and Tim Curry Actresses: Sharon Stone, the lady that played mortia adams, drew barrymore.
I'm a stay at home mom, I raise feeders that I sometimes sell to other herpers and I hope to do some light corn snake breeding in the future.
Anything else?
I absolutely love animals and I am very happy to learn of rescues and refuges I can make donations to. I also love to make things for thrift shops that sell to support rescues.
Full Name: <private>
Location: Clinton, MO  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 30, 1982
Member Since: Saturday, October 3, 2009
Last Login: Monday, August 22, 2011
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