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About Kristen P
My Reptile Interests
I have previously had a Northern Water Snake, a red rat snake, a Columbian BCI, two Irian Jaya carpet pythons, a couple corn snakes, and many many many crested geckos. Currently I am concentrating on raising my Caulker Cay BCIs and enjoying my Mexican Black kingsnakes. I am still finding my "happy number' of animals; just enough to enjoy, but not so many that the work overshadows the enjoyment.
Other Interests
I ride a Harley Davidson Lowrider, and tinker with computers. I love beads, occasionally make jewelry and do a bit of sewing. I also love fantasy fiction, my favorite authors are David Eddings (Diamond Throne series, The Mallorean), Anne McCaffrey (mostly the Dragonrider series), and Donita K. Paul (Dragonkeeper series). I deer hunt in northern Wisconsin and occasionally hunt pheasant around northern Illinois. I also love gardening; it's very therapeutic to play in the dirt!
You name it. Currently my favorite artists are Zero 7 and Jem. Other faves are Relient K, Switchfoot, Sara Bareilles, Evanescence, "The Phantom of the Opera" soundtrack, Brad Paisley. I like pretty much anything happy with a beat; I just can't get into rap and death-metal, they are too negative for me.
The Fifth Element is my all-time favorite movie. Loved Lord of the Rings, all the Pirates movies, X-Men, anything with Bruce Willis, and the occasional John Cusak chick-flick. The whole Mummy series is great too. My current favorite actor is Hugh Jackman....guys with hairy chests are HOT!
I am a "computer counselor". People call me with their computer issues and I counsel them on how to fix it. In other words, I work in a Help Desk. Lots of variety, it's always changing...and people are continually thinking up new and weird ways to break stuff. haha! I really did have someone break their "cup holder" a couple times before we caught on that she was putting her coffee cup on her CD tray.
Anything else?
I play Guild Wars way too much. My main character there is Lillith Mordica, look me up if you play.
Full Name: Kristen P
Location: Woodstock, IL  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 13
Member Since: Monday, July 21, 2008
Last Login: Tuesday, April 17, 2018
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