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About Dani
My Reptile Interests
I started out with a rescue "breeder" (over-bred) female ball python; aptly named Monty who unfortunatly passed due to being over-bred at an early age 8 :(. Next was a colombian rainbow boa named Jane- petstore baby, came to me with mites and also passed because of them unfortunaly. She was just too young. After Jane and Monty I was pretty sad. I waited a long time before aquiring a baby colombian red tail boa (BCI) who is in my collection today, he's 7 months old and doing great. Pephe is his name (pronounced pep eh) and I'm actually not sure on the sex yet. My first gecko was a moorish or crocodile gecko who is almost a year and a half old and named Mortimus Kahn. The next gecko was a Malaysian golden gecko, currently un-named, also a year and a half old. Neither of these two were acquired as babies but rather juvenile 6 month olds. My passion really started for herpitology when I was 18 and Monty came to me. I was always curious but living in wisconsin never really had a great oppertunity to interact with them. Not as pets because the mom was terrified of them. I started reading about monitor lizards. I was fascinated. I needed to know everything about all the different species I could. I got every book, article, read every forum and finally decided that an Argus would be the perfect one for me. That's when Bucki came to me. I'm considering persuing herpitology as a field in college along with ethology.
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Full Name: Dani
Location: Rapid City, SD  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 01, 1987
Member Since: Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Last Login: Tuesday, June 2, 2009
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