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About Marjo Suvanto
My Reptile Interests
Fennocornland is a project of two Finnish woman who have specialised to breeding corn snakes. I by myself have kept herps about four years and I started with one corn snakes. At the time I have in my house half of our corn collection (about 20 corns) and also these animals: 1.1 Morelia spilota cheynei (Jungle Carpet Python) 1.2 Gongylophis colubrinus loveridgei (Kenyan Sandboa) 1.0 Python brongersmai (Blood Python) 1.2 Laudakia stellio sp. (Starred Agama) 1.1 Eublepharis macularius (Leopard Gecko) 1.0 Chamaeleo calyptratus (Veiled Chameleon) 2.1 Ceratophrys cranwelli (Horned Frog) and about 15 different tarantulas, almost all from New World. Also at September a new baby-snake called Morelia viridis (Green Tree Python) is coming to my life. This is something I have waited a loooong time. ;) So this is quite dangerous hobby, first you got one snake and then you realized that you have house of full these wonderful animals! :D
Other Interests
My all interests belongs to animals. If I'm not doing any herp things, I'm go out with dogs. ;) I got two pitbulls (male Patu 5 years and female Jinja 4 years) and I have compete with them for example in weightpulling, tugowar and hangtime. Wonderful dogs and love the breed but it's shameful that it is so misunderstood.
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- not entered yet -
At the time I'm studying to became a nurse. I think I will graduate at the end of year 2011 and I'll cross fingers for it. I'm also working at a hospital as much as I have time beside school. I'm living with my partner in own house in East Finland. He is a tattoo artist and got his own business. I'm also doing piercing in his firm.
Anything else?
If you want to know more about our corn snake breeding, check out our websites:
Full Name: Marjo Suvanto
Location: ,   FI
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 21, 1986
Member Since: Friday, July 2, 2010
Last Login: Wednesday, September 1, 2010
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