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About kriegsmom
My Reptile Interests
I have been interested in keeping an assortment of reptiles for a long time. When I was younger (7) my brother kept 2 snakes. He kept a normal ball python male named Adam and a red tail boa female named Clarice. I had held them and helped him care for them. Ever since then, I had been interested in all reptiles. I got a ball python girl when I was 12 that I named Sunny. I had to give her up when I a couple of months after I turned 15. Two years ago, I was able to get Nagini. I was finally in a place where I could start up the collection I wanted. I slowly built up the collection I have now. I still have a list of animals that I want. Realistically, I will never be able to get most of them, but I have dreams and aspirations. Here's the list. List is subject to change... 0.1 Argentine Black and White Tegu (Teggie) 1.0 Dwarf or SD Reticulated Python (Hades) 1.0 Blood Python 1.0 Normal Kenyan Sand Boa (Diglett) 1.0 Gargoyle Gecko (Orion) 1.0 Leachie Gecko (Tubbs) 1.0 Sunglow Boa 1.0 Columbian Red Tail Boa 1.0 Pied Ball Python 0.1 BEL Ball Python
Other Interests
I really enjoy reading, working with dogs and cats, and playing video games. I also play the saxophone with a local jazz group on weekends.
I play the clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, ukulele, and piano.
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I work in a mom and pop pet shop near Atlanta part-time. Rest of the time, I'm a student at Kennesaw State University. Proud Chem major!
Anything else?
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Location: Atlanta, GA  US
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Birthday: January 14
Member Since: Friday, April 15, 2016
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