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About michael stewart
My Reptile Interests
new to ball pythons and with exception of one blood we are strictly balls
Other Interests
Music, Cooking, Golf
pretty much everything from sevendust to Sting to grover washington... but you can leave out Miley and that Lady GaGa thing.
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Anything else?
The story behind the user name (this is, in reality our family page, not mine alone)... I have been doing tattoo work for a few years. A young man I know had been begging me for some tattoo work for quite some time but never could seem to come up with the cash. Growing weary I agreed to take a ball python on trade. I assumed that I would pass "Elvis" on to someone else and recoup my materials costs if nothing else. As soon as our 6 yr old Constance laid eyes on him, she declared that he was a "she" and "her" name was now cinderella and it could stay in her room! Suddenly we were keeping a "princess" snake. It didn't take long for the older daughter to become interested and a snake of her own brought a smile to her face on a dreary day. It was later decided that both girls would like another snake at Christmas time as gifts and it has exploded from there. With a 6 year old and a 13 year old now making adamant requests for "babies" (and my fascination with their genetics), the whole family has been sucked in, even to the point of Momma commiting to tending the rodents to keep our food bill manageable. Ultimately, with the acquisition of more snakes and a set of probes, I was able to prove to the little one that cinderella really was an "Elvis", however she insisted that he still wasn't an "elvis" and declared him Olaf. So our first snake underwent two sex changes and a short stint as a princess... therefore the user name "glassslipper" seemed very fitting, especially with the hiss in the middle!
Full Name: michael stewart
Location: New Albany, IN  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 24, 1971
Member Since: Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Last Login: Wednesday, September 24, 2014
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