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About Joseph Gahan
My Reptile Interests
I've been addicted to reptiles since i was 10 yrs old and found my first snake in my back yard. Here i am 20yrs later and still loveing this hobby to death. My first love is kingsnakes but my boa isn't to far behind it. I am trying to get my breeding projects off the ground at this point. Hopefully by this spring i will have my first boas if all goes well.
Other Interests
Outside of reptiles i love to draw and collect comics. I guess you can say i'm a big I really spend most of the day outside. i love to go herp collecting in the east texas backwoods...If nothing else then fishing and hunting. in the summers i love going skiing and swimming out on lake sam raburn.....
megadeth, metallica, white zombie, dave mathews, green day (older stuff), nirvana, down, pearl jam, the toadies, dishwalla, nickleback, break'n benjimans, tool, perfect circle, system of the down, rage against the machine, and alot more.....
have to say STAR WARS tops the list with all my other fav's come'n in next...spiderman 1, 2,and 3, ironman, the ninja turtles 1, 2,and 3, beerfest, super troopers, ace ventura pet dick 1 and 2, my best friends girl, thank you for not smokeing, half baked, the incredible hulk, any which way but loose, donnie darko, the departed, the shinning, finding nemo, push, terminator salvation, and a hell of alot more.....
Really not a school person. I will finish what i started but for now I'm an enployee of PETCO...I know i work behind enemy lines all day trying to save good animals from dumb people..full time job is what it
Anything else?
spent five years in the marine corp and bartended cross country for 8 yrs. and yes i took my snakes with me
Full Name: Joseph Gahan
Location: Woodville, TX  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 28
Member Since: Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Last Login: Tuesday, July 9, 2013
iHerp Level Old Salt (43,655 points)
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