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Robert Twombley

About Robert Twombley
My Reptile Interests
I am a naturalist who has authored several papers and notes within SWCHR Bulletin and has been acknowledged in two books. My main interest is in herpetology Microscopy, quantitative, qualitative natural history, and conservation of the geographical areas of the American southwest, Mesoamerica. Herpetolocuture interest is in managing a genetic and physical healthy diverse collection of reptilia of the American Southwest and Meso America while focusing on enrichment and improving captive husbandry. Teratology, embryonic and developmental physiology as it applies to adaptation and natural selection.
Other Interests
Natural History, Evolutionary biology Teratology, embryonic and developmental physiology and microscopy
Old classic Rock is my favorite music Pink Floyed, Great Full Dead, CCR, The Who, Lead Zeplan ect. Other music includes Sublime, Peanuts, Long beach Dub all stars.
The Simpsons, Futurama, Twillight Zone, Outer Limits, O'Sheas Big Advanture, Crocodile Hunter, and Snake Wranglers are my favorite T.V. shows of all times. Client Eastwood, Kevin Smith, and John Hughes. Science Fiction, B Movies, Independent and Documentaries.
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Anything else?
We know almost exactly how many stars exist in our milkway but we have no idea about the number of species living on our plant. Despite the intensive exploration of our plant, there remain surprising gaps in our knowledge of the natural sciences. Captive reptiles and amphibians offer an opportunity to study aspects of their behavior which are just not observable in the wild for most species. For example, Walter Auffenberg used captive Varanus olivaceus to obtain much of the data on behavior (1988 Gray's Monitor Lizard). His work on V. bengalensis (1994 The Bengal Monitor) relies heavily on observations made on a captive group he kept at his Florida home. Such phenomena as sleeping and walking periods, walking and climbing speeds, and behavior related to feeding, courtship, and combat all lend themselves to analysis in captive specimens. One great advantage of studying such behaviors in captive animals is that comparative data can be gathered under controlled conditions... ~
Full Name: Robert Twombley
Location: Applevalley, CA  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 14, 1979
Member Since: Monday, March 18, 2013
Last Login: Tuesday, September 17, 2019
iHerp Level Old Salt (42,816 points)
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